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Graduate Supervised Students

M.Sc. with thesis, Ph.D. and Pst Doc. Excluding 10s of M.Sc. without thesis

  1. Yigal Bitran, M.Sc.: "Fractional Fourier transform - Optical interpretations and applications," (April 1995)

  2. Oded Melamed, M.Sc.: "Optical processors for temporal signals," (May.1995)

  3. Dan M. Marom, M.Sc.: "Dynamic optical interconnections with multistage architectures," (May 1995)

  4. Rainer G. Dorsch, Ph.D.: "The fractional Fourier transform in optics," together with Prof. A. Lohmann, (June 1995).

  5. Nachum Avishay, M.Sc.: "Computer generated holograms for light propagation visualization," (April 1996).

  6. Meir Deutsch, M.Sc.: "Optical pattern recognition with the joint transform correlator," (May 1996)

  7. Ido Ouzieli, M.Sc.: "Optical wavelet processor," (May 1996)

  8. Zeev Zalevsky. Ph.D. "Unconventional optical correlators," together with Prof. A. Hardy, October 1996)

  9. Ido Gur, M.Sc.: "Beam shaping with diffractive optical elements" (March 1997)

  10. Eran Gur, M.Sc.: "Optical fuzzy controller," (March 1998)

  11. Zeev Zalevsky, Post Doc, "Advanced optical super resolution theory,) (1998-2000)

  12. Yuval Yvakowsky, M.Sc.: “High rate - long distance fiber-optic communication, based on advanced modulation techniques," (March 1999)

  13. Irina Kiryuschev, PostDoc on Superresolution (1999-2001)

  14. Gal Shabtay, Ph.D.: "Applications of diffractive optical elements," (Jenuary 2000)

  15. Guy Hermush, M.Sc.

  16. Bruce Liebner, M.Sc.: "2-D optical switching system” (April 1998)

  17. Uriel Levi, Ph.D.: “Diffractive optical elements and optical image processing,” (April 2003)

  18. Ido Raveh, M.Sc.: “LORAL - Long range lines” (April 1999)

  19. Vardit Eckhouse. M.Sc., “Evanescent wave holography,” (May 2004)

  20. Eran Sabo, M.Sc., “Super resolution using fixed grating architectures,” (March 2001)

  21. Amir Shemer, M.Sc., “Hybrid opto-electronic system for super resolution,” (May 2002)

  22. Jonthan Solomon, M.Sc., “Optical CDMA,” (June 2004)

  23. Eran Gur, Ph.D.: "Electro Optical Multi Stage and Multi Channel Systems," (January 2006)

  24. Nadav Cohen, Ph.D.: “Folded architectures in optical interconnect networks,” (June 2004)

  25. Sharon Karako, M.Sc., “Speech analysis using the fractional Fourier transform,” (April 2004)

  26. Damian Goldring, M.Sc., “Tunable components for optical communicqation,”  (May 2005)

  27. Eran Rosman, M.Sc., “Optical signal processing using multi lenses,” (August 2007)

  28. Ido Dotan, M.Sc., “Dynamic elements based on photonic crystal,” (Start 2006 ; End April 2009)

  29. Damian Goldring, Ph.D., “Optical devices based on Silicon photonics structures," (May 2009)

  30. Oded Giguzintski, M.Sc. "1-D wafer scanning system with extended depth of field,” (May 2010)

  31. Shachar Mendelovich, M.Sc., “Multiaperture imaging,” (April 2012)

  32. Iftach Klap, Ph.D., “Compound imaging systems," (April 2013)

  33. Ariel Raz, M.Sc., “Advanced color sensing device,” (June 2013)

  34. Alexander Dobvorsky, Post Doc (2014)

  35. Ran Schleyen, M.Sc., “Compressive Imaging,” (April 2015)

  36. Alex Lamin, M.Sc., “Light field photography – Simulations” (November 2015)

  37. Ido Yovel, M.Sc, “ Efficient light field photography,” (Dec. 2016)

  38. Ophir Nabati, M.Sc., "Advanced techniques for color light field reconstruction and depth estimation from compressed measurements," (Dec. 2018)

  39. Reut Lanyado, M.Sc., "Bio mechanical authententication," (Dec. 2018)

  40. Dana Witzner, M.Sc., "Face authentication based on light field encoded monochromatic image, (May 2019)

  41. Shahar Ben Dayan, M.Sc, "Light Field Refocusing based on Sparse Angular Information," (May 2019)


 Current Students:


  1. Lior Gelberg, M.Sc., “Deep learning for authentication”

  2. Cohen Khen, M.Sc., “Physical aspects for machine vision devices”

  3. Mor Azouly, M.Sc., "System integration of face recognition apparatus,"

  4. Efrat Immer, M.Sc., “Multi color image fusion”

  5. Sergei Sinicha, M.Sc.

  6. Ido Yovel, Ph.D., "Theory for advanced single aperture 3-D mapping,"

  7. Oz Nevot, Ph.D.

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